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ClimbingArborist.com offers a free comprehensive video library of knot tying, tree climbing and rigging techniques (basic and advanced). For novice, advanced and all levels in-between use our site as a tool to resource, practice and master your Arborist skills.

View our full range of videos, read our arborist blogs, scan the calendar for upcoming events near you...

Our Mission: To provide an informative resource for arborists, focused on tree climbing techniques, safe work practices, and staying updated with evolving industry trends.

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View basic methods to get yourself up into a tree and move around the branches…

For arborists who use all the basic climbing techniques and are looking to expand their skill set...

View videos filmed on the job site

Learn how to tie the most important knots in arboriculture plus many more…

This section covers various forms of basic and complex rigging to use when different situations arise...

Clips from tree climbing competitions and other helpful videos

Upcoming industry events

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